Last modified: February 21 2018.
Contact: hpchelp [at]

Best Practices for HPC

  • Do NOT run any job which is longer that few minutes on the login nodes. It is best to request for a interactive job. If, however, large number of nodes are required, submit with a small walltime - few minutes to an hour
  • All programs/jobs should be profiled and benchmarked before submitting production jobs to HPC.
  • Be aware of the amount of disk space utilized by your job(s). Do an estimate before submitting multiple jobs
  • Please submit jobs preferably in $SCRATCH. You can backup your results/summaries in your $HOME
  • Choice of Walltime is essential. By profiling and benchmarking, users can judge the time required for a full run. By providing the maximum, they reduce the priority of the job.
  • For licensed software, ensure that the proper license tags have been set. Please contact hpchelp if you do not know the tags
  • Please add a software tag to your submission scripts (e.g. #PBS -l software=NAMD). Please keep it identical for all your jobs.
  • $SCRATCH is NOT backed up! Please download all your data! Please see policies.
  • Before installing any software in your home, ensure that it is from a reliable and safe source. Ransomware is on the rise!
  • Please do not use spaces while creating the directories and files.
  • Please inform hpchelp when you notice something strange - e.g. unexpected slow downs, files missing/corrupted etc.