Last modified: September 01 2021.
Contact: hpchelp [at]


For Visualization:

Login to the HPC

Submit Interactive Job for GPU node as per your requirement

Please do not run on the login nodes

qsub -I -q standard -P cc -N mumax3 -lselect=1:ncpus=4:ngpus=1:mpiprocs=4 -lwalltime=00:30:00

After getting the resources , you will land on one of the node

e.g, khas118

Please run the below commands:

module purge
module load apps/mumax/3.10
mumax3 -i

Will show output like :

//starting GUI at //please open in a browser //entering interactive mode

Instead of use e[hostname]

e.g., if i am on node with name khas118 then i will type in my local(laptop/desktop) system browser.

NOTE: Here 'e' indicates the ethernet