Last modified: September 01 2021.
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NEW TO WRF ? please refer: WRF Online Tutorial

Step 1: WRF Dependencies


Loading below module will set all the dependencies ,environment variables & paths required for wrf.

For WRF 3.8.1 :

module load apps/wrf/intel2015

For WRF 4.3.3 :

module load apps/wrf/deps/intel2019



Please do remove environment variables from .bashrc related to hdf5,mpi,pnetcdf,netcdf,flex,bison etc & also unload modules related to the same if any , this may ends with multiple issues.


Step 2: There are different already compiled flavours of WRF are available at the following paths :


  • WRF 3.8.1 : /home/apps/skeleton/wrf/wrf_3.8.1.tar.gz
  • WRF-CHEM 3.8.1 : /home/apps/skeleton/wrf/wrf_chem_3.8.1.tar.gz
  • WRF-CHEM-KPP 3.8.1 : /home/apps/skeleton/wrf/wrf_chem_kpp_3.8.1.tar.gz
  • WRF 4.3.3 COMPLETE (WITH CHEM + KPP ) : /home/apps/skeleton/wrf/wrf_complete_4.3.3.tar.gz
  • Note:

    Each tar contains already compiled two folders WPS & WRFV3 (WPS & WRF in case of v4.3.3), you simply need to copy the tar files & extract using tar -xzvf filename inside any folder. Make the changes for input as per your requirement. A sample submit script named is available in each WRFV3/run or WRF/run folder (do the necessary changes). Changes made in source code/files of any model like physics ,chem etc needs recompilation.

    Recompilation Steps (Follow only when required) : (Take interactive job for at least 2 hours for recompilation)


    For WRF CHEM (without KPP): export WRF_CHEM=1


    For WRF CHEM (with KPP): export WRF_CHEM=1 && export WRF_KPP=1

  • cd WRFV3 OR cd WRF
  • module load apps/wrf/intel2015 OR module load apps/wrf/deps/intel2019
  • cp configure.wrf configure.wrf.bkp
  • ./clean -a
  • cp configure.wrf.bkp configure.wrf
  • ./compile em_real

    For WPS & to run real.exe take a interactive job, do module load apps/wrf/intel2015 OR module load apps/wrf/deps/intel2019 and run the binaries as per the wrf procedure.


    Some Useful Hints :


    To use pnetcdf features of wrf you can do the following changes in namelist.input file present either WRFV3/run or WRFV3/test/em_real/ (For 4.3.3 : WRF/run or WRF/test/em_real/) i.e. from where you prefer to submit a job, also copy to that folder.

  • io_form_history = 11,
  • io_form_restart = 11,
  • io_form_input = 11,
  • io_form_boundary = 11,
  • nocolons =.true.